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Are you ready to get WAATME accredited or certified? It is affordable & attainable & online!

WAATME (World Accreditation Addiction Treatment Mark of Excellence ©) is a subsidiary of Old West Healthcare. WAATME is a third-party affordable and attainable accreditation-certification organization for state and government agencies developed by and categorically for the addiction treatment provider industry leaders, and followers. It launched in 2013 in response to Big Pharma at the on-set of the prescription drug epidemic. Our organization has evolved, and grown at a rapid rate to exclude pointing the crisis to one pervasive industry: Big Pharma, but to include every single legal or illegal industry that has contributed to the harrowing overdose crisis throughout each state, and nationwide.

Our medical and clinical doctors and other addiction specific experts performed advanced research based on a hybrid of a U.S. Medical Boards Model for eight years which radically changed the way WAATME understood how solutions must be executed. Since the new millennia, the internet has defined the way every business performs to include accreditation-certification for addiction treatment providers.

What did WAATME discover?

Most addiction treatment providers do not think they can get accredited, refuse to get accredited, do not believe it is important enough to get accredited, think that only their staff should have their credentials/licenses/certifications, have no interest in getting accredited, or are too busy to get accredited on their own volition, and must be enforced by a state, government agency, or third-party to engage in any sort of accreditation, certification, or other enforceable, or mandated process to reform the prescription drug, opioid, heroin, and fentanly crisis once and for all. More importantly, it is imperative to have boots-on-the-ground. Additionally, each addiction treatment provider, community, and state must be educated by addiction specific professionals whom have passionately dedicated their entire careers to this industry, have keen insight, and developed WAATME for this very purpose.