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WAATME Attainable Accreditation
Eliminates Red-Tape

Are you an addiction treatment provider that has always wanted to get accredited? Yet, The Joint Commission & CARF are too costly, time consuming, and also require a portion of your generated revenue per bed! As an addiction treatment provider you also must pay state and federal tax, and in 2016 you were only getting reimbursed 8% to 18% by insurance companies for patients-clients (in the U.S.) with coverage by Blue Cross, Blue Sheild, AETNA, CIGNA & more for months on end? We can help with that too!

WAATME was developed five years ago in direct response to the prescription drug, opioid, heroin, and fentanyl epidemic. Originally it was a fight against Big Pharma, now it has evolved into radically changing how the nation can resolve the crisis.

Get Your Accreditation Online Now for a Fair & Reasonable Cost!

WAATME is a subsidiary of Old West Healthcare Partners; Leaders in the addiction treatment provider field. We understand the "State of Emergency" communities, and cities are fighting statewide, and nationwide to end this senseless epidemic.

Dues are affordable. We provide attainable accreditation to treatment centers, medical detox centers, sober living homes, IOP's, PHP's & any other addiction treatment provider that chooses WAATME accreditation as a commitment to saving another life. Our accreditation is applicable to enhancing your service, and your profits while taking an achievable amount of time and effort to get accredited. In other words, it is attainable!

All accreditation requirements are done online so you are able to meet your requirements and improve your business all at your convenience. Best of all we do not require a portion of your yearly generated revenue based on your number of beds such as The Joint Commission & CARF.

We know it is time for patients-clients, families, insurance companies, communities, city councils, states, and the nation as a whole to benefit from WAATME accreditation through online education, and much more.

Our goal is to radically change the way accreditation is achieved in order to address immediate care by cutting the red-tape, and ending the prescription drug, opioid, heroin, fentanyl epidemic.

WAATME Accreditation can stand alone, or be held in conjunction with other accreditations.