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What is WAATME?

We are a global addiction treatment provider accreditation.

What does the acronym WAATME stand for?

World Accreditation Addiction Treatment Mark of Excellence ©.

Is WAATME similar to The Joint Commission accreditation or other healthcare accreditations?

WAATME is a complementary or alternative accreditation for addiction treatment providers.

Why was WAATME developed??

To fight the opioid, heroin, and fentanyl epidemic against all legal and illegal entities, and to cut the red-tape.

Who is WAATME??

WAATME is a subsidiary of Old West Healthcare Partners. Developed by a group of addiction treatment clinicians for addiction treatment providers. It was created out of necessity to include making it all online for those that typically cannot attain The Joint Commission or CARF accreditation due to enormous cost, voluminous paperwork, and time.

Who may become accredited by WAATME?

Addiction Treatment Providers such as treatment centers, sober living homes, medical detox centers in both the United States & outside the U.S.

How may I become accredited by WAATME?


What is the cost breakdown for annual dues?

Annual dues divided into 365 days per year are equivalent to $3.00 ( currency converter) per day. Less then the price of a cup of coffee totaling $999 yearly.

How may I submit a signed WAATME affidavit?

You may send signed documentation per electronic signature through or scan and attach as a pdf or send signed agreements most convenient for you to the account representative closest to your area.

What are the WAATME GET MY ACCREDITATION addiction treatment accreditation requirements?

To find out more click on GET MY ACCREDITATION.

How long will it take to complete the WAATME accreditation course online?

Each course is approximately one hour. It may take 10-20 hours.

What will I receive when I am approved for WAATME accreditation?

You will receive addiction treatment professional accreditation per the distinguished WAATME Mark of Excellence seal and the WAATME Mark of Excellence certificate all of which you may display on your website, at your place of business and all other marketing material(s).

How may I get approved for WAATME accreditation now?

1. Take the courses online now, sign your affidavit, pay your dues. Or, 2. Please email the account representative closest to your area by visiting our CONTACT US link.

Can any addiction treatment provider be approved for WAATME accreditation?

Yes, as long as you are able to abide by the attainable and affordable accreditation you can get accredited.

How long will it take to approve my WAATME accreditation application?

Within 24 hours.

How do I pay my annual dues?

Please visit our DUES link.

When will I receive my WAATME seal & certificate?

Once your account representative has received your required documentation we will notify you per email with your identifiable numbered WAATME Mark of Excellence seal(s) & a printable file for your WAATME Mark of Excellence certificate(s).

Does the WAATME Mark of Excellence seal & WAATME Mark of Excellence certificate equal accreditation?


What is the definition of accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary method of third-party quality assurance developed more than 100 years ago.

Do all insurance companies accept WAATME accreditation?

A benefit of becoming WAATME accredited is that we have partnered with another insurance third-party in the U.S.(not outside of the U.S. yet) that will get your patients-clients the best insurance possible — the same as U.S. Congress.

What is the "pressure" for treatment centers to use drug therapy vs. actual treatment?

Since 95% of insurance companies are paying for treatment it is cheaper for them to pay for a pill(s) than to pay for very expensive licensed professionals for long-term therapy.

If a treatment center has the purpose of curing a patient - do they know the relapse rate when the pharma drugs are used?

The relapse rate for treatment centers has consistently been 80%-95%.

How can one tell when an addiction treatment provider is truly about the patient's recovery and not the extra profit they make when the patient-client comes back again?

If an addiction treatment provider is not an accredited organization they are only about profit.

Is there any inspection of facility or administration for WAATME accreditation?

It is all online. However, if a government agency has partnered with WAATME there may be different requirements that vary state to state.

How does the public know if the facilities are operating according to the education they got when they got accredited?

Once the addiction treatment provider finishes the courses they are on a better education track. Education is knowledge. Business is enhanced, will grow, and will eliminate overdoses, and lawsuits.

What form of payment do you accept for annual dues?

WAATME accepts Paypal. Did you know that 100 million people worldwide use Paypal?

Is it safe to pay on the WAATME website?

WAATME does not retain any personal credit card information. You will be connected directly to the PayPal website. Paypal purchase protection implements the latest anti-fraud protection with 24/7 account monitoring and is the number one form of payment worldwide.

Can you tell me more about the copyright and trademark infringement policy?

Any company or individual that illegally pirates WAATME's intellectual property will be fined $1M. Our accreditation is attainable, and affordable. If you unethically pirate the WAATME seal there is no reason you should be in business in the first place.