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WAATME Spearheading the Battle Against Big Pharma in Addiction Treatment with New Accreditation & Certification

In the tech world, the phrase "there's an app for that" highlights the fact that our lives are now run by applications. There is, indeed, an app for just about everything imaginable. In the world of healthcare, we might just as likely coin a similar phrase - "there's a pill for that".

A brief visit to your local healthcare practitioner will likely result in you returning home with a fistful of pills. This applies whether your ailment is physical, mental or emotional. Why this eagerness by the medical profession to prescribe drugs to patients? Why are pills the first answer to pretty much every patient question?

The answer to these questions may lie in who is behind the provision of these drugs; so called "Big Pharma".

Take addiction healthcare for example. There are many organizations around the country providing treatment for addiction. On the surface this can only be a good thing; the more treatment providers the better for individuals. The trouble is that many of these organizations are funded, owned or influenced by prescription drug companies and as a result much of their treatment plans revolve around the prescription of drugs.

Getting treatment from a place with ties to the drug companies might not be in your best interests. How could it be? The funding company has a heavy influence over such organizations, and drugs are the primary agenda. It is analogous to Apple funding a company designed to help people use less technology.

This is why the World Accreditation Addiction Treatment Mark of Excellence © (WAATME) was developed. No, not to tackle the number of apps that have taken over our lives. To protect the public from the pervasive invasion of prescription drug companies, and the medical industry's approach to prescription drugs.

This indiscriminate approach to prescription pills is fueling even more addiction. According to a survey reported by the FDA, some 52 million people have used prescription drugs in a non-medical capacity at least once in their lifetime. They also reported a 400 percent increase, between 1998 and 2008, in substance abuse treatment admissions for certain prescription pain relievers.

For the most part, apps are useful and play an important role in all our lives. So too do prescription drugs. However, when dealing with something like an addiction, be that to apps or pills, getting help from professionals not influenced by the corporations with vested interest in the product is wise. Only then can you be sure that you will be getting the treatment that is in YOUR best interest.

In a sea of drug company funded organizations to include a Big Pharma representative on every medical board across the U.S., there are private organizations that remain untouched and impartial. They serve to treat the patient in only the most effective manner, and without more drugs if possible.

WAATME has a commitment to finding and promoting these organizations, and to making it straightforward for people to getting the addiction treatment providers they need.

We need more organizations willing to take a stand on the side of the patient. If you are an addiction treatment provider and are free from the shackles of the drug companies, then join us. Sign up, getting accredited and proudly carry the stamp of approval that lets all your patients know you give fair, impartial and effective addiction care.

Also, if you're a doctor who is passionate about helping patients and addiction treatment practitioners negate the clutches of Big Pharma, getting in touch with us. We are currently searching for a doctor to help lead this world-changing organization.

There are too many confusing apps these days, but that we can live with. Let's do something about Big Pharma's influence and provide better, independent addiction care. The public will be able to differentiate with the WAATME seal.