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Good Neighbor Pardner' How Can WAATME Accredited Treatment Centers/Treatment Center Homes, Medical Detox Centers/Homes, or Sober Living Homes Help You? We Are A Good Neighbor Pardner'!

More and more communities are so frustrated that hundreds of neighbors are fighti' in city council meetings, moratoriums are in effect, and communities are trying to find ways to protect themselves from the evident challenges treatment centers, and sober living homes present. Overdoses, smoking, petty crime, drunkeness, drugged driving, drunk driving, loitering, drug/alcohol/smoking related debris, noise, sex offenders. Is this the retirement home dream you worked so hard for? Are there children, or grandchildren living on your street?

As you know the sober living home (SLH) is surprisingly an unregulated business industry that is infesting your neighborhood. Cities and communities are discovering they have less and less control then they imagined due in large part to the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA) for people with disabilities. Anyone with an addiction is considered to have a disability. The FFHA allows up to six people to live in a home together without prejudice. Attempts to regulate are often met with lawsuits, and exorbitant attorney costs with cities. The City of Newport Beach had to pay a sober living home group $5M in damages.


Police departments are taxed having to attend up to three overdoses per night in treatment centers, and sober living homes when they are there to protect, and serve. Not to protect, serve, and oversee overdoses. Time is spent in community and board meetings at the costly expense of other pressing issues. Results have been ineffective. Tension between the community and a non-accredited treatment center or SLH is only growing, and far from finished folks.

CASE STUDY: Did you know that one neighborhood Medical Detox Center told WAATME that they had no intention of hiring a medical professional to have on-site 24/7, and all because the city did not require it. When WAATME demanded a medical professional be on-site 24/7 this small medical detox center in your neighborhood chose not to get WAATME accredited. This was a real estate investor that knows nothing about the medical detox business, obviously could care less about the well-being of his patients, or his neighborhood. All this businessman wanted to do was to get his home paid off in a short amount of time through insurance payments. What he clearly did not understand is that this irresponsible decision puts his whole business investment at risk, and more than likely will end up costing him his entire portfolio in the long run.

Of course, we have not even addressed the effect on the those patients trying to get well. The negative environment has a negative effect on their efforts, perhaps even costing them their lives. The greater the number of relapses, the more negative effect on the community. It is a vicious cycle.

WAATME works with their accredited treatment centers, and sober living homes to mediate integrating community compliance resolutions, and other appropriate entities to find voluntary win-win agreements. Instead of working with individual facilities, you can work with WAATME, and in essence be working with many facilities at the same time. We also work with governments with legislative power to support appropriate legislation.

One of the main issues with treatment centers, or SLHs is a lack of interest in training particularly by the SLH homeowner, or training of a house managers. House managers are usually very passionate and dedicated people. One glaring issue is that they have not been formally trained on house management, and supervision. WAATME Accreditation requires training on and passing WAATME approved schooling by every house manager. Better trained house managers will result in better SLH and community relationships.

When you support WAATME Accreditation, you can save time in non-productive meetings, and work in pardnership' with many facilities at once to create win-win voluntary agreements.

The sober living homes also want to find resolutions. As clients, treatment centers, medical detox centers/centres, sober living homes, communities, city councils, and more are working together, more pardner's will join WAATME in order to focus on every pardner's bottom line: A positive supportive environment, and neighborhood for all involved.

Contact WAATME today to start finding voluntary solutions to your treatment center, or sober living home good neighbor pardner' concerns!