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Why Should You Choose a WAATME Accredited Sober Living Home?

Accreditation is a third-party process in which an entity, separate and apart from the health care organization ie: treatment center, assesses the organization to determine if it meets a set of standards, and requirements developed to improve quality of care. This is a voluntary process an organization takes statewide, or nationwide, whereby they make a commitment towards prevention for its patients-clients, and staff.

The sober living home industry is unregulated.

WAATME is the only organization online available to accredit sober living homes. We have made it achievable and attainable. So why are sober living homes not getting accredited? Because they are unregulated, and are not required by a third-party, or state to get accredited. In response, WAATME has partnered with states to enforce basic sober living home accreditation, or they can choose to do so freely online.

A few benefits of WAATME accreditation for sober living homes:

  1. Prevention of overdoses.
  2. Required AED & Narcan on-site.
  3. Insurance coverage available to U.S. Congress is now available for sober living home patients-clients.

In the states of California, and Florida moratoriums have been placed on the sober living homes due to this uncontrolled industry. Most sober living homes are managed by newly sober house managers, no background checks performed, no life-saving products on-site, no addiction education, ad infinitum. These sober homes are owned by real estate investors, corporations, or large sober living home communities whose only concern is to collect renumeration to cover mortgage payments, or make a profit. Communities are fighting with city councils regarding unruly loitering, alcohol and drug related overdoses, petty theft, smoking, speeding, drunk or drug dealing, etc. The results are angry city council meetings, district attorney's floundering trying to figure out how to legally solve the sober living home problem, retirees with their dream homes whose neighbors are sober living homes, families with children living in these neighborhoods, growing homelessness in these towns as a direct result of sober living homes kicking out their patients-clients on the streets because insurance companies will not pay for roundtrip tickets, petty theft and crime, and this is just the beginning. For those making the effort to maintain recovery unregulated environments are counterproductive to recover.

WAATME accreditation is a solution for sober living homes.

Federal law protects American's with disabilities to include patients-clients with alcohol or drug addiction, and the very reason cities cannot legally shut-down these sober homes.

Conversely, sober living home owners are heavily taxed with financial commitments, cannot afford The Joint Commission or CARF accreditation, yet they are able to achieve attainable accreditation from WAATME online.

WAATME accreditation for sober living homes is two-fold:

  1. Online attainable accreditation.
  2. Government agency comprehensive reformation statewide.

Both homeowners, and house managers, are required to engage in attainable accreditation online in order to provide a better quality of care to reform and regulate the sober living home industry.

When you or a loved one choose a WAATME Accredited sober living home you are choosing improved probability of safety, and ethical practices affecting quality of care that is state, and community compliant.