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Why should your community support WAATME Accredited treatment center homes, sober living homes, or medical detox center homes?

Accreditation is a process in which an entity, separate and distinct from the health care organization, usually non-governmental, assesses the health care organization to determine if it meets a set of standards requirements designed to improve quality of care. This voluntary process provides a visible commitment by an organization to continually ensure a safe environment for its patients and staff.

Communities across America are fighting to find ways to protect themselves from the Fair Housing Act, disability discrimination, and challenges treatment centers, sober living homes, and medical detox center homes present with their patients, or clients. Overdoses, loitering, drug and alcohol abuse, public drunkenness, drugged driving, related trash and debris, noise, chain smoking, petty theft, are among a few of the issues on the front lines of these communities, and we know your children live on these streets, or that you worked a lifetime for your retirement home.

As hundreds of communities try to find ways to regulate the unregulated sober living home industry they are discovering they have less control then they ever imagined. Attempts to regulate are often met with lawsuits and attorney fees, and a Federal law loop hole protecting anyone with a disability, handicap, or mental impairment. This includes persons with alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, or other drug use. Yes, there are also medical detox homes in your area, and they may not be required by law to have a medical professional on-site at all times. Does this make sense? WAATME does not think so either. This is one of the reasons why WAATME Accreditation will help you to protect your community from rogue homes, and centers to abide by educational, reasonable and ethical guidelines.

Time is spent in community and board meetings at the expense of peace of mind, and taking more time away from your family. The results have been extremely frustrating for communities, city officials, and all involved. The tension between the neighborhood, community, and home or center requires a third-party intervention — this is where WAATME Accreditation, and our community compliance requirements will help to heal, and resolve these problems immediately. It is a matter of education, and communication.

Lastly, we have not even addressed the effect on the those individuals trying to learn to live sober. The negative environment has a negative effect on their efforts. The greater the number of relapses, the more negative effect on the community, and so on. It is a vicious cycle.

WAATME works with our accredited treatment centers, sober living homes, medical detox centers/homes to mediate with their communities, and other appropriate entities to find voluntary win-win agreements. Instead of working with individual homes, you can work with WAATME, and in essence be working with many places at the same time. We are also working with governments, and legislative power to support appropriate legislation.

One of the main issues with sober living homes specifically is a lack of training for the home owner of the sober living home, and house managers. Many sober living home owners are simply real estate investors, and know nothing about running a sober living home. Conversely, house managers are usually very passionate and dedicated people. The issue is most have not been formally trained. WAATME Accreditation requires educating, training, and passing WAATME approved courses by every home owner, and house manager. Better trained sober living home owners, and house managers will result in better SLH and community relationships.

When you support WAATME Accreditation, you will save time in non-productive meetings, and work in partnership with many facilities at once to create win-win voluntary agreements.

The sober living homes also want to find resolutions. As they see the positive results of your community and WAATME working together, more and more will join WAATME in order to focus on their clients and homes in a positive supportive environment.

Contact WAATME anytime to start discussing voluntary solutions to your next door neighbor treatment centers, SLHs, or medical detox center homes, and get them WAATME accredited today!