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Online Attainable Accreditation Why should your SLH become a WAATME Accredited facility?

Accreditation is a process in which an organization assesses the health care facility to determine if it meets a set of standards requirements designed to improve quality of care.  This voluntary process provides a clear message by an organization to continually ensure a safe environment.

WAATME Accreditation, while valuable is not difficult or expensive. We call it attainable accreditation.

Sober Living Homes are under more and more pressure from local communities and governments. A growing number of communities have put a moratorium on sober living homes and/or are testing the limits of their ability to govern them. The result is it is becoming a full time job for SLHs to attend community meetings, city and county board meetings, and working with attorneys to fight legislation.

The primary reason for a sober living home to become WAATME Accredited is to allow you to focus on your clients versus having your time and energy drained by dealing with local communities and other public entities. WAATME works with their facilities in partnership with communities, states, and federal entities to influence legislation as well as informal agreement to create flourishing relationships. This allows the SLH to concentrate on a client's needs instead of having their resources, and time drained by trying to overcome public concerns.

Potential clients want to choose homes that are supported by the community. The negativity, and lack of support in many counties, and communities will have a negative effect on their efforts to maintain recovery. You will get more new clients, and enhance your reputation as a SLH by being accredited with WAATME thereby establishing a sober environment, in every area of your business.

SLHs will be the preferred choice when clients, families, neighborhoods, cities, insurance companies, and more know the homeowner, and house managers are not only passionate about helping clients, but also well trained with limited governship as a third-party accreditor as evidenced by WAATME accreditation. We think it is time you enhance your reputation.

We are in the process of making WAATME Accredited sober living homes a preferred choice. This will continue to grow your revenue and credibility in your community.

Ultimately improving outcomes with current clients, growth with more new clients, business growth, and health community growth, all while attracting more new clients. Isn’t it time you get WAATME accredited?